The Artifact

Hi again! this is Oscar, artist in There & Back.

For the past couple of weeks we been working hard on making assets for the game. and for the first time we are ready to show some models for the Relic, collectibles and some other objects that will be populating our world.

The process of making assets for a game is long and takes a lot of thought. First off, it starts as an idea. The whole team pitches in different concepts for what should be in the game and how it should be used. The second stage is doing a bunch of concepts, and presenting them to the team. Ideas here bounce of people and we end up with an idea of what we need. After that, is modeling time.

some objects that made it into the game.

After working on objects and different textures, we finally came to an agreement on how they should look and feel inside the game.

Now comes one of the pivotal points in our game; The artifact.  This special item found in the world of the shadows will allow the player to move back and forth from his position, and a mirrored image of himself on the world. This main mechanic needed a visually strong object, and since its going to be on the screen at all times, we needed something that stands out.

So we started with some doodles that turned out to be the base to our concept art, and we moved them into zbrush, just rough models that would maybe turn into our final object.

Concept 1

concepts 2

As you can see, we went with a base crystal and just put some decorations into it. Because of different reasons, we didn’t feel totally comfortable with these concepts. So they were scrapped and we started working on something different.

While searching the internet for inspiration and looking at different artists, I saw an engraving made by a zbrush artist that looked like a Mayan glyph. This came to me as a good idea and the inspiration for our artifact. It was mysterious and ancient. So I worked on some art that would depict this image.

Engraving concept for the artifact

After that, it became pretty clear to me what we needed to do for the artifact, and after some hours of Zbrush and Maya, the artifact was ready to go into the game.

final pass of the artifact

Using the same style, the collectibles for our game or “coins” were easy to make.

Looking back at the process of making this object, I think it came to a good final product. It looks great inside the game engine and the new aspect of the overall project feels more fit to the world.

Thanks again for reading!



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