The Main Character!

Hi! This is Oscar, artist in the game “There & Back”. You might remember our main character, the little kid in the bear pyjama? Well, we have been working hard on that little character trying to fit him more into our story and shaping him into what we believe is a relatable and engaging protagonist of our game.

If you need to refresh your memory, our concept art is on the low part of this blog.

First of all, we started by modeling the character. This is a crucial step in bringing an asset to the game, since every single polygon will be animated and in conjunction with the texture, will bring our little guy to life.

Here are some screenshots of the finalized model.

Now we had to go through the long process of UV mapping the character so we can begin to texture him. Painting a texture on a character is always a challenge, bringing his attributes to life on a 2d plane that will be projected into a 3d surface can be hard and takes many tries.

When the textures are ready, its time to apply them to the model and see if they fit. So many things can go wrong in this step, and tweaking is a must to come up with a finished model, worthy of being showcased in a game.

We will keep you up to date on our progress and keep you guys posted on how our game is coming along. Here are some finished shots of the main character of “There & Back”

thanks for reading!



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